Shoulder stem cell applicaitions

24 October 2016

Complementary Stem Cell Application to Improve Rotator Cuff Surgery Healing Outcomes

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has reported that as many as 25% of rotator cuff repairs tear again following surgery. Dr. McCormick’s advanced techniques may significantly reduce this number. Despite the advent of innovative surgical techniques, stem cell therapy for and rotator cuff tears has proven to be effective when used to augment  the surgical procedure. Stem cells have the potential to aid healing following surgery because they are the source of healing.

For more information, please review Dr. McCormick’s recent article review the benefits of rotator cuff healing enhancement techniques below. Click here for the full article.

The article concludes that “rotator cuff augmentation techniques have progressed significantly; however, application of stem cell at the repair site will be the next significant development.  Attempts to better understand the role of rehab protocols, surgical fixation methods, biologic scaffolds and PRP have yielded inconsistent results. Yet, these studies have progressed our understanding of the complexities of tendon healing. Both animal and human studies have shown promising early results of stem cell therapy; however, more high quality, large-sample studies are needed before a final verdict is reached concerning their efficacy. Similarly to the challenges of PRP, obstacles to our current understanding of stem cell rotator cuff augmentation include the heterogeneity in stem cell source, preparation, concentration, and delivery as well as poor standardization of outcome measurements. Further direction should involve standardization to further delineate the relationship between treatment and patient outcomes.”

Dr. McCormick is a pioneer is advancing the biological healing and recovery following rotator cuff repair. Explore this new option before you trust your care to any else.

The application of stem cell therapy for arthritis, or other injury, to augment the treatment of patients undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery, is an area that is just now reaching the broader medical community, but Dr. Frank McCormick, MD has been implementing this treatment method for years.

Dr. Frank McCormick, MD, is South Florida’s leading physician for outpatient joint preservation procedures. An academic leader within the field, he is committed to providing approaches to joint injuries that require the minimum recovery time. His proven, outpatient arthroscopic surgical techniques for the treatment of joint pain allow patients minimally-invasive alternatives that were previously unavailable, including stem cell therapy for arthritis and tendon treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and be one step closer to pain free living.