Six Sigma Surgery and Recovery Optimization

As a surgeon, I’m very surprised at the rapid results and early recovery I see in my patients after Implementing Signature Heathcare’s Six Sigma value-based care approach. If it I didn’t know the patient or if it wasn’t me who performed the surgery– I actually wouldn’t believe it. The results are that much better. This approach is a far cry from the traditional operations I assisted on in my training, or in the recovery patterns I see from other surgical techniques, or the treatment options offered at hospitals/surgery centers around the country. Truly, seeing is believing!

However, now that I have seen with my own eyes (Check out the patient testimonials as proof) and fully understand the Six Sigma value-based care approach, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The success lies in a comprehensive surgical plan where treatment decisions are data driven, rooted in surgery principles, customizable to the individual situation, with complete attention to detail through out the entire recovery period.

Here is why our patients do so well:

  • We listen to what you want.
  •  We provide a comprehensive health intake evaluation where every health detail is scrutinized even before even seeing the doctor. We used this information to screen for potential problems, avoid complications, and customize the treatment plan.
  • We have developed a specialized evidence-based in-office diagnostic physical exam program with proven accuracy. We apply the scientific evidence and proven data to profile the right diagnosis, and thus provide the best treatment plan, minimizing your risk and optimizing your outcome.
  • We provide dedicated caring staff members to holding your hand through the entire recovery process.
  • We know patients have better outcomes if they understand the process and lead the treatment team. Thus,  you are the Captain of your health care team. We take direction from you.
  • Aggressive, cutting-edge pain treatment strategies that start before the operation…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to surgical pain control. Many patients literally have little pain after surgery.
  • Aggressive, advanced post-surgical recovery protocols to ensure less downtime and less treatment complications. We make rehab process simple and manageable.
  • We are the academic leaders… We are the surgeons teaching other surgeons. We are at the forefront of advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

24/7 Access to Dr. McCormick

All of the my patients have my cell phone, and the patient has 24/7 access to me…this prevents small problems turning into big ones, all the while giving piece of mind.


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