Orthopedic Procedures

The highly skilled team at Dr. Frank McCormick’s practice perform a variety of orthopedic procedures designed to provide the best possible results for each patient. Using both conventional surgical procedures, and cutting-edge non-surgical techniques, Dr. McCormick offers the best treatment available. Some of the most common procedures include:

Shoulder Procedures

When shoulder pain is affecting your daily life or athletic performance, Dr. McCormick offers several shoulder procedure designed to minimize pain and restore movement. Treatment options including:

The highly trained staff guarantee that they will match the appropriate orthopedic treatment option to your lifestyle.

Knee Procedures

Offering knee treatment options for patients in any stage of life and every level of activity, Dr. McCormick will perform the appropriate treatment option. You will be on the path to recovery whether your injury requires:

Hip Procedures

Non-surgical hip treatments are the preferred solutions to hip injury and pain, however, if your hip requires additional treatment, Dr. McCormick’s skilled staff will assess the specific hip damage and recommend the best treatment to ensure your path to pain free living. These orthopedic procedures include:

Car Accident Specialists

Dr. Frank McCormick specializes in joint injuries caused by unfortunate car accidents. It is recommended that patients who have experienced a car accident schedule an appointment immediately for a full assessment. Our highly trained staff will suggest an innovative treatment to restore mobility and alleviate pain caused by car accidents. Whether you are currently experiencing symptoms of whiplash, back pain, or ligament damage, a treatment solution will be implemented.

For more information about these and other orthopedic procedures, contact us today to schedule an appointment and be one step closer to pain free living. Dr. Frank McCormick is South Florida’s leading orthopedic surgeon and an academic leader within the field. His proven, minimally invasive surgeries and non-surgical treatments for joint pain allow patients non-invasive alternatives that were previously unavailable.